Rufus Saripalli April 2017 Newsletter


Dear Pastors, Churches, and praying friends,

Greetings to one and all. I am hoping that all the churches got my last letter enclosed in a card which I sent in January. It's been a hectic two months for us with a Revival in January and my frequent travels caused by other interruptions to the translation work.

We have some problems in one of the mission churches (New Testament Baptist Church - Madgul) due to which I'm having to divert my attention there along with the other two churches I frequent. Please do pray for this church as Satan is trying his best to simmer down the flame of the gospel by causing some petty internal issues. Of course we are not ignorant of his devises to undermine God's work to prosper. This church is the only one existing for about a hundred sq.miles and it is a blend of old and young many of them coming from a good distance. And since I had to come to the states before the six months to keep my visa active and to be with my family, Dad will be going there on alternate Sundays until I return. I will be monitoring the brethren from here as well.

My girls got their licenses and are able to go to college by themselves, so now it is less taxing on Esther to drop and pick them up so many times.However she still has to do a part of it as we don;t have as many vehicles. They also got thirteen hour a week jobs and they want to use that money to buy tickets at least once a year for now to go to India to fulfill their part in the ministry.They already bought the tickets to be there for the Youth Camp starting from May 23rd, and will be in India till august 10th. Our desire if for the Lord to direct their paths in serving Him with the abilities He gave them. I must say that I somehow got used to being away from my family leaving them on their own here. It was the other way around for some years, ut it was not much to worry as they were with my mom and dad in India.

Please do pray for my travels while I'm here and the financial needs which the Lord is taking care of in miraculous ways. Please do pray with us for a good van which can go for a fair distance and duration here. Dad is doing well as he is taken care of by us and all the grand kids there, and while he was here just for a week, he had grand kids to take care of him here.

I wish to express my deepest gratitude for your prayers and support for us. Only our heavenly Father will grant you the due rewards for your faithfulness. But our love and prayers are with you always that would continue to bless and keep you.

Serving the Saviour

Bro. Rufus Saripalli and family

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