November Newsletter

Rufus Saripalli <>


Nov 7 at 9:37 AM

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


We have entered the penultimate month of this year which seemed to have passed too quickly. And the days are such when we are to keep the faith, and watch for our Lord's imminent return while we serve Him faithfully, being in prayer much more earnestly than before. I call to remember these verses Rom. 13:11; Luke 18: 8; Mark 13:33, amid the "crises" we face in His service.


Your prayers are deeply coveted and highly appreciated as we can see how the Lord is blessing us in the ministry. Through trials and temptations, our Lord is teaching us to depend on His wisdom alone no matter the number of years we have in experience. I am specifically referring to the incident at the mission church in Madgula of which I shared in my last e-mail for special prayer. The situation is quite disturbing and discouraging when have been on the field so long and we don't expect to expect  such things to happen. We have tried means of negotiations but Noel is too far ahead in his craftiness to 'establish' his hold and claim on the property by using hostile means. Since he is not complying to the authority of the Word of God, we are thinking in lines of acquiring by legal process. But the church congregation is thriving with joy and growing in the Lord with new converts joining.


The translation work is progressing with some glitches with technology and personnel lapses. However it is in the advance mode working its way to the finish line. Please do continue to pray that the work doesn't get delayed by this distraction and get sidelined as for now it is the main focus of this ministry to equip the churches with the right Scriptures. I have already tapped on some persons for printing of these Telugu Bibles which is a mammoth task and we desire your prayers as we await the response.


Please do keep my dad and my family in your special prayers. Thank you for your support and love.


May God bless and keep you


Serving the Savior


Bro. Rufus Saripalli 


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