Missions update July 2018



Your Missionaries to India


Declaring the One, True GOD,

In a land of many gods.


Dear Prayer Partners,                                                                                                  5th July, 2018

Greetings to you all in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

After very hot summer, we are enjoying monsoons. But in monsoons we are prone to many contagious diseases and viral fevers. Praise God for His protection toward us.

The Lord has enlarged our borders in helping us to start a school using Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. Rufus, with the help of Mary my daughter and Blessy my grand daughter are taking care of the school with the burden to educate them with Christian curriculum. At present we have only five children. Please pray for this school.

This summer we had Vacation Bible Schools in ten churches with the theme “Godly children among ungodly world”. And the children learned about Joseph & Samson and Esther & Jezebel. Also in Annual Youth Camp-2018, we had a theme “Vessel unto honour”. Children and Youth learnt many new songs and enjoyed in the Lord. I was so glad to see all our children and youth.

Our Lord is helping me to visit all our churches every month, travelling very far distances. Few young boys help me in taking turns to drive for me to visit these churches. Rufus is busy in completion of translation work. And Mary is busy in taking care of the new school and the Children’s Home and ministry among ladies.

The Lord is helping me in my solitary life, after my wife is promoted to glory. Thankyou for your support and prayers for me and the ministry.

At Calvary,

Dr.Solomon S. Rao Saripalli.



Home Church : East Side Baptist Church ( Pastor:  Rev. Rutledge),

1219 Pease St., Box 2207,  Vernon, TX  76385, USA 

E-mail: ebaptist@att.net / eastside@chipshot.net

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