Missionary Update March 2018

Dearly beloved,

Hoping that you received our greeting card, I thought of giving a short update on the recent decisions in the mission work. 


Since many years Mom had a deep desire to start a Christian School either with ACE or ABEKA curriculum. Previously we did run a school but we couldn't do this syllabus and had to use the Indian state syllabus. And having closed it down many years ago due to unnecessary pressures from the government, we are thrilled to know that there are eleven schools with ACE curriculum in India right now. And that makes it easy for us to start one since we won't be the pioneers to face too much of the preliminary complications.


This is a huge step forward to give sound Christian education when the children are forced to study Hindu mythology and Evolution based school books. We need your earnest prayers since the government being an extremist Hindu fundamentalist government who are engaged in burning churches and forcing schools to erect Hindu idols and teach their religion.


All the mission churches are doing fine and growing. And the translation work is gradually nearing completion and getting ready for printing. Esther's mom is living with us and being eighty five and frequently collapsing and recovering is a challenge to attend to. The girls are continuing their studies and we are thankful for your prayers as God is meeting the need through FAFSA. We look to Him alone for their future as they have the desire to implement their careers into the ministry in India.


Thank you for your faithful support and continual prayers. We love you and pray for you daily, and are grateful for your concern to reach this heathen nation India.


Serving the Saviour


Bro. Rufus Saripalli and family

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